- No one is questioning your bravery, just your mind.

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It is the White Shirt of Sex. And the Jaw Clench of Destroyed Ovaries. The Bare Throat of Let Me Bite It. Oh, and let’s not forget the Eloquent Lip Thingy of Kill Me for Good. And dare I mention, the Fluffy Hair of I Want to Sink My Hands in It and Tug Those Curls. *whispers in desperation*, and those Over-Expressive Eye Brows of I Need to Lick Them.

How dare you, Mr. Hiddleston.



He’s a fucking menace to society.

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I thought, “What could Loki be doing?” He could be reading a book. He could be doing something. I thought, maybe he’s just lying in bed, ruminating on his future. […] Somewhere in the outtakes, there’s a… Because when you’re lying on a bed and tossing a cup up, it sort of alters your perception of the horizontal axis. And most times I was able to flip up the cup and catch it in front of my face, and then, on one particular occasion, I just missed, and a steel mug slammed me right in the forehead.” — Tom Hiddleston

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Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean it is not real?

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Doctor Poo…get it? Couldn’t resist.

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tom hiddleston + being adorable

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Tom Hiddleston for ELLE UK (x)

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